Wednesday, January 2, 2013

I Just LOVE these Missionaries

Everyone should get the opportunity to spend time with the missionaries from our church. Can you imagine leaving their families, girlfriends, school, jobs to volunteer for 2 years (18 months for girls) and working 12 hour days to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with those who will listen? We continually hear--it's the hardest job I've ever loved!

I have a few random pictures of some of these missionaries.
I LOVE looking at the missionaries feet...
We were at a meeting and I looked over and noticed that this elder had one black sock and one white sock. Bless his heart--at least he was wearing socks!

I LOVE being in their apartments and seeing how they live--or being in their future apartments...
We are continually trying to find better housing for our missionaries. Our mission now rents over 70 different apartments (luckily we have the Shaners who look after that job!). Recently we took Elder Ilagan and Elder Smith to look at a new apartment. They both loved the frilly decor. We struck a deal and they will be moving in as soon as we can get the water to work.

I LOVE spending time with our senior couples...
We recently celebrated Elder Gottfredson's birthday--after the delicious dinner we played The Great Del Moody game where everyone was trying to get to become The Great Del Moody (as signified by the king's crown). Elder Gottfredson began in that position but was ousted by the end of the game! Each position becomes a lower class until we get to the peon and assistant peon at the end of the circle. These folks really know how to have a lot of fun!

 The game begins with Elder Gottfredson as the Great Del Moody.
 Sister Kiholm and the Mills are still pretty high on the social rankings.
 President and Elder Laker are in the middle class.

And then there was Sister Shaner and Sister Laker.

Sister Gottfredson was definitely lower class but not as much as the Mills who dropped during the game to the assistant peon and peon class.

I LOVE our assistants...
Elder Miole and Elder Huffstutler enjoyed dinner out with President after a busy day serving as his assistants. To protect their white shirts they made bibs out of their napkins. It looked like they enjoyed their dinner from the Hotel Andrea--the one really good restaurant in Cauayan. What would we do without assistants?

I LOVE the talents of our missionaries...

We have so many talented musicians here in the Philippines Cauayan Mission. Elder Rostedt is one of them. He sings beautifully--all parts and can play a wicked guitar! We love it when he accompanies others on his guitar.

I LOVE divine companionships...

Our sister missionaries love to dress alike and when they do we always tease them about becoming a divine companionship! Here is Sister Cajigal and Sister Ramos dressing alike for a fireside. They opened up an area for the mission and truly serve with all their hearts. Amazing things are happening San Mateo. Great effort sisters!

I wish you could see in my heart--I truly LOVE all of the missionaries serving here in the Philippines Cauayan Mission! Each one holds a special place in my heart!

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